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Founded in 1992 and under new management since 2012, Gulf Coast Laser Renu has proudly served the Coastal Bend for twenty-one years. Re-manufacturing toner cartridges, drums and ink jet cartridges is a process that is both economical and ecological. By allowing us to recycle your used cartridges, we can prevent waste--both in the landfill and your expense account.

Another money-saving service we offer is printer repair. You wouldn't buy a new car just because you had a flat tire: the same principle should apply to your expensive printers as well. Our technician can come to your site to diagnose the problem, or you can bring the printer to our shop. Often the printer may be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing it, once again saving the environment as well as your wallet.

From empty cartridges to broken printers, it's a no-brainer: call Gulf Cost Laser Renu today!


Gulf Coast Laser Renus mission is to provide Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend with high quality remanufactured printer cartridges at about one half of the cost of new cartridges.
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Gulf Coast Laser Renu is a top supplier of discount ink cartridges and toner for almost all models of ink jet and laser printers on today's market. Our goal is to provide like new printer cartridge quality in an environmentally friendly manner at less cost than purchasing new cartridges. Gulf Coast Laser Renu prides itself in providing a superior solution. Purchasing new cartridges is wasteful, expensive, and harmful to our environment. The process we use are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and produces high quality cartridges. Recycling your old printer cartridges is the right thing to do. Our products use non patent infringing components and are 100% reliable.


Remanufacturing is the process of disassembly and recovery at the module level and, eventually, at the component level. It requires the repair or replacement of worn out or obsolete components and modules. Parts subject to degradation affecting the performance or the expected life of the whole are replaced. Each cartridge is dissembled, tested, and refilled only after each component is inspected for quality. Our process is much better for the environment than disposing the used cartridge and buying a new one, and results in a high quality recycled replacement cartridge at a fraction of the cost.

Gulf Coast Laser Renu - 704 Moore Ave. Portland, TX 361-643-1803

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